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Digital work Tools: Paint Tool Sai, Gimp, Mouse and Tablet.
Handicaps: Asperger actually, I don't know if I still considerate this one since I worked so hard to be normal : P, Hyperactivity, Dysphasia...
Native language: French/Québec.
Secondary language: English/United-State.

The awesome peoples! <3


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For him by WizzDono
For him
More like a reference for the Shower game: you'll find a soap or something where if you use it, you'll get a dinky.

© WizzDono 26-10-2015

My choices I did on Life is Strange (meme)

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 30, 2015, 4:02 PM

According to my first playthrough obviouly. BTW, THIS WILL BE UPDATED WHEN EPISODE 5 WILL BE OUT. You can also try this meme! Just use this base and erase the small commentaries I did.

Simple rule for this: just check what choice you did and double check if you regret this choice.

EDIT: Updated with episode 5.
Episode 1:

[] You reported Nathan.
[/] You hid the truth.

[/] You made fun of Victoria.
[] You comforted Victoria.

[/] You took a photo of David harassing Kate.
[] You intervened to help out Kate.

[] You took the blame for Chloe.
[] You blamed Chloe.
[/] You stayed hidden.
[] You came out of hiding to intervene.
[/] You let Daniel draw your portrait.
[] You didn't let Daniel draw your portrait.

[/] You signed Ms. Grant's petition.
[] You didn't sign Ms. Grant's petition.

[/] You helped Alyssa.
[] You didn't help Alyssa.

[/] You erased the insults on Kate's slate.
[] You didn't erase  Kate's slate.

[/] You watered your plant.
[] You didn't water your plant.

[] You touched Dana's pregnancy test.
[/] You didn't touch Dana's pregnancy test.

[/]You "reorganized" Victoria's photo.
[] You didn't touch Victoria's photo.

[/] You wrote on a dirty RV.
[] You didn't write on a dirty RV.

[/] You saved the bird.
[] You let the bird die.

[] You broke Chloe's snow globe.
[/] You didn't break Chloe's snow globe.

[] You left evidence while searching throught David's stuff.
[/] You didn't leave any evidence.

[/] You read David's files.
[] You didn't read David's files.
Episode 2:

[/] You told Kate to go to the police.
[] You told Kate to wait for more proof.

[/] You answered Kate's call.
[] You didn't answer Kate's call.

[/] You tried to shoot Frank.
[] You didn't try to shoot Frank.

[] You saved Kate's life.

[] You blamed David.
[] You blamed Nathan.
[/] You blamed Mr. Jeffreson. "I already knew he you be the criminal, since it's typical in police novels: one of the main character must be the criminal, so which mean Nathan is one hot tempered douche. Mark Jerfferson says he cares about Kate, which not proves me because Kate ran out crying."
[/] You watered your plant.
[] You didn't water your plant.

[/] You helped Alyssa.
[] You didn't help Alyssa.

[/] You erased the link to Kate's video. "Well, I could left this just because for a proof that Victoria wrote it right?"
[] You left the link to Kate's video.

[/] You were friendly with Taylor.
[] You weren't friendly with Taylor.

[/] You accepted Warren's invitation.
[] You rejected Warren's invitation.

[/] You wrote a message. "Ew, when I see the grief all over it."
[] You didn't write a message.

[] You tampered wih the railtracks.
[/] You didn't tamper with the railtracks.

[/] You gained entry to the Vortex Club party.
[] You didn't gain entry to the Vorted Club party.

[/] You helped Warren.
[] You didn't help Warren.

[] You told on David to Mr. Jefferson.
[/]  You didn't tell David to Mr. Jefferson.
Episode 3:

[/] You stole the money. "DUH! What happend when there's scandals??"
[] You left the money.

[] You kissed Chloe.
[/] You didn't kiss Chloe.

[/] You sided with David.
[] You sided with Chloe.

[] You got Frank's dog hurt.
[/] You kept Frank's dog from harm.

[/] Chloe has David's gun.
[] Frank has David's gun.
[] Lisa is alive.
[/] Lisa is dead. "oops"

[] You "helped" Warren with his exam.
[/] You didn't "help" Warren with his exam.

[/] You are on Vortex Club Party list.
[] You are not on the Vortex Club Party list.

[] You erased some names from the Vortex Club Party list.
[/] You didn't change the Vortex Club Party list.

[/] You erased the cop's anwserphone message. "My instinc says it was a bad choice. Maybe because it gives attention or something."
[] You didn't erase the cop's message.

[/] You helped Alyssa.
[] You didn't help Alyssa.

[/]You warned the homeless woman.
[] You didn't warn the homeless woman.

[/] You took a photo in the past. "Lolz, a choice that does one thing and that's it."
[] You didn take a photo in the past.

[/] You left a mark on the fireplace.
[] You didn't leave a mark on the fireplace.
Episode 4:

[/] You accepted Chloe's request.
[] You refused Chloe's request.

[] You let Warren beat up Nathan.
[/] You stopped Warren from beating up Nathan. "YEAH, FCKING ALPHA WARREN YEAHHHHHHHHH!!!!! *Draws alpha Warren* But staying to my conviction that Nathan isn't the criminal."

[] Chloe killed Frank.
[] Chloe wounded Frank.
[/] No one got hurt.

[] Victoria belived your warning.
[] Victoria didn't believe your warning.
[/] You didn't warn Victoria. "Only the fact that she will let know Nathan about this."
[/] You saved the blue jay.
[] You let the blue jay die.

[] You disturbed the bird's nest.
[/] You didn't disturb the bird's nest.

[/] You found David's code. "7171"
[] You got David's file in another way.

[] Kate helped you find Nathan's room.
[/] Kate didn't help you.

[/] You motivated Daniel to attend the Vortex Club party.
[] You didn't motivate Daniel to attend the Vortex Club party.

[] You let a message on Warren's slate.
[/] You didn't leave a message on Warren's slate.

[/] You figured out Nathan's PIN code. "0829"
[] You didn't figurated Nathan's PIN code.

[/] You helped Alyssa.
[] You didn't help Alyssa.
Episode 5:

[] You sacrified Arcadia Bay.
[/] You sacrified Chloe. At least with this way, we save more lives... right?
[/] David got a scar during the fight.
[] David didn't get a scar during the fight.

[] David killed Jefferson.
[/] David didn't kill Jefferson.

[/] You saved the trucker.
[] You didn't save the trucker.

[/] You saved Evan. I loved his accent! ^^
[] You didn't save Evan.

[/] You saved Alyssa. The 5th time I saved her.
[] You didn't save Alyssa.

[] You saved the fisherman.
[/] You didn't save the fisherman. Apparently, I rewinded time in the wrong place... so I couldn't put out the fire again.

[/] You helped Joyce believe in David again.
[] You didn't change Joyce'S mind about David.

[/] You told the truth about Rachel to Frank.
[] You didn't tell the truth about Rachel to Frank.

[/] You kissed Warren. I should have been hug, but I this this since I kissed Chloe.
[] You didn't show Warren any affection.
[] You hugged Warren.


Journal Entry: Tue Oct 20, 2015, 5:58 PM


Sry for no productivity, but... (+comicon result)

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 18, 2015, 10:19 AM

(to read for a full description of what's happening)
...these days were so depressive, just the fact that my scolarship doesn't go well just of one stupid exam where I know their way to complete it.
I'm not really productive, in term or rendered arts: I still do sketches, but it's kind of really hard to get back the habit since of all of these shits that are happenning in my life.
I do wish talk about more, but it's private so... at least I got supports from the surroundings, especially you guys: the fact that's there's people that care of my talents and myself directly and indirectly. I love it. It's also betted when some of my inspirations (I DONT TELL WHICH CELEBRITIES THOUGH! :>) are talking with me.

You might say something like why I'm like so happy and suddenly so sad, for example the journal I posted about the comicon I was going yesterday.Well first, it was worth it just to escape reality: I bought some arts from artists (my best was an original I bought! : DDD) and saw some cosplay. I saw some people with fursuits: this influenced me to build one for myself.I just need to know how they do it. I'll put my mathematic skills so I don't waste money or something...


Journal Entry: Sat Oct 17, 2015, 9:20 AM

OMFGGG, it's happening today and I going in.
You may see me there, if you have the chance to see the wizzdono.

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