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How I do my basic characters bases by WizzDono How I do my basic characters bases by WizzDono
More a general reference about my bases that I draw on the basic characters. For those who want know the general, just look at this reference. About the complex? There will be so many stuffs.
I put generally the variation that could happens to my bases, however there may have extremums, so some parts can break the rule. I put also an turnaround/view of the bases. You can see this is basing the human concept. othervise, about the most general part, all the body, the height, width, etc, can vary. There is the height that height between one to eight head and more. Like the human. I say in the reference, but if some attraits that aren't mentionned, do like you think that should be. There is other things that I didn't mentionned on the reference like facial expressions can be drawn, poses, etc.
So in all, this is my bases, after I add other attraits such like colors and stuffs like that, accessories, etc... If you're not sure about things, check on drawings that does include this base.

Enjoy and hope you like this!

Reference ~WizzDono:iconwizzdono:

WritingRin Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Awesome! Thanks!
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